What is Playback Theatre?

Playback Theatre brings to life personal stories for you to reflect upon and enjoy.
In Story-Lane Playback Theatre events, audience members share thoughts, feelings, memories and watch them being transformed into improvised theatre pieces.

It can be funny or sad, enlightening and powerful, but above all fun and exciting!
Playback theatre creates space for sharing, connecting, expressing and playing. 
This art-form was invented in 1975 by Jonathan Fox, it corresponds with psychodrama, oral traditions, storytelling, theatre and much more.

NEW! Playback Theatre Talks by Story- Lane Playback Theatre

Would you like to know more about Playback Theatre? 
In this podcast I am talking with playback conductors from all around the world about Playback Theatre.
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Playback Theatre



Personal Skills


Playback Theatre

for Organizations

Would you like to try this special improvisation method and develop your listening and performance skills? Join one of our classes!

Are you leading meetings or giving presentations? Would you like to give your career a boost? Are you an actor that needs to prepare for an audition? Come to a 1-on-1 session.

Playback is a great tool for skill development and team building activities. Engage your people in a new and exciting way.

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What People Say 



Audience Member

It's very emotional... the truth comes,  it's really really good and the actors are very different and this makes playback show very interesting.... 

I would come again!

Eleni Kofekidou


ReDI School of Digital Integration Student

I am really happy to have worked with Noa! She is a very kind and attentive person, who listens very carefully and also helps turning the presentation into a better version of itself. She integrates the personality into the presentation and tries to point out the most positive traits even more. Noa is very motivated, she did even come personally to see and advice me when I was presenting in front of the camera, despite the danger of corona. Thank you for everything! I am really happy that I got the chance to work with you and am hoping to meet again soon. :)

André Brötz

Head of Learning & Insights



GoVolunteer collaborated with Noa and her playback theater group for our interactive workshop on feedback and criticism. Their performance gave the participants a unique opportunity to approach the topics, while providing creative perspectives on the shared personal stories. Everyone benefited greatly from the collaboration and we look forward to working together again in the future!

Betty Moskowitsch

ICA Agent



I wanted to take this opportunity and thank you for inviting me yesterday to the first playback theater I have experienced and been to. I didn’t know what to expect and how will it be, and I have to say I was surprised more than I expected to be. 
Not only, the personal stories of the actors that amazed me, not only their confidence on stage, but also the humor and the different perspective on the audiences stories, was an amazing thing to watch. 
We were a group of so many different people in our backgrounds and positions and points in life, but somehow this act, made us become one. People from the audience shared so many personal stories and got so much support from the other participants and that was really warming the heart to see and be a part of. 
And in a busy and stressful life that we all are unfortunately going through, this was a moment of laughter, different perspective and fun. 
Well done!! 

Eltje S


Workshop Participant

It is such a wonderful inner conscious journey. My best time in Berlin. Discover your inner and outer dimensions and understand about creativity in yourself and in other pretty souls

Pablo De La Cruz


Workshop Participant

Life could be like playing, not an easy playing because play is also living. Some like to say life is a serious task and playing is just for fun. From my experience of Play Back Theater life is fun when it is played seriously. In this workshop I´ve been encouraged to listen to other people coming from different backgrounds, to put myself in the shoes of others, not to be like them but to open my senses in a realm where this modern individuality dogma is shaken. Life like playing is just possible together.

Thank you Noa!

Liran L


Workshop Participant

Playback is an astonishing world. Within the last few months, I was lucky to actively take part in performing other people's stories on stage. It is a personal and (especially) mutual group journey. A journey that constructs a community of people willing to trust each other. A gentle intimacy is being created among the participants and each of our personal stories becomes everyone's story.
I would like to thank Noa for opening up a window into the world of theater for me and for the opportunity to be a part of the group. The transformation I have been through is flowing into my life and changes the way I see things. I am more attentive to the stories that emerge around me and I know that every story has it's own place."