Story Lane Playback Theatre

Story Lane playback theatre was founded by Noa Leibu in order to assist individuals, communities and businesses to fulfill their potential through playful and positive practices and encounters. At the heart of our work, we use personal stories and improvisation as ways to awaken new perspectives. We provide workshops, performances and training, applying key skills and mindsets from the richness of theatre and improvisation practices, in order to help you fulfill your potential.

Noa Leibu - Founder and Conductor

I am a trainer, actress, coach, facilitator and consultant (MA), specialized in communication and performance skills.

Playback Theatre is one of my main tools to assist individuals and organizations in achieving their goals and fulfilling their potential. My services range from quality content for a meaningful event to training that creates engagement and encourages listening. I have over 15 years of experience in Playback Theatre and in the last 10 years I have led transformation & skills development processes in variety of organizations and industries.

As a child, I always dreamed of becoming an actress and was brave enough to sign myself up to a professional acting school. After a couple of years I gave up acting as I was afraid it is too risky and I should aim for something more stable like most people around me. I then studied Psychology and Sociology, graduating my studies with honors. My playback theatre activities were then just a hobby, but it kept me centered and balanced through difficult times and I became more and more involved. 

Back then I wasn’t brave enough to turn that into a career. I was focused on my work as a group facilitator and organizational consultant, working with businesses and communities going through transformation processes.
When I moved to Berlin from Israel in 2015, there were no playback theatre activities for English speakers, therefore I decided to found an international ensemble, as I knew I must find a way to keep playback in my life.
Gradually the ensemble expanded and grew and for the first time, I was dedicating myself to theatrical work.
Nowadays I am combining and using my knowledge and experience from the consulting and business world with theatre, art and storytelling.
I am teaching playback theatre to groups and individuals that are interested in self-development and personal growth. 
I am proud of founding and leading ‘Story Lane- playback theatre ensemble’, which is the first international playback theatre in Germany.