Playback in Your Organization

Playback Theatre provides a powerful way of engaging with clients, employees and customers. We create performances and training that build connections and enhance empathy through the sharing and recreating of individual stories and life experiences.

Story Lane activities generates opportunities for personal and professional development required to thrive in business and in life.

Playback Theatre Performance 

For an Interactive and Meaningful Event

Our performances are engaging, meaningful and entertaining. They are mobile, flexible and adaptable. we can join your event at any stage to energize it and connect your people together. 

The process allows individuals to express thoughts and feelings that can connect individual story to collective experiences. Rather than being passive observers, the audience is actively involved in the creation of meaning. 

Examples for possible topics for a performance

  • Changes in the organization

  • Processing themes such as feedback, diversity, mentorship, etc.

  • Celebrating events such as retirement, promotion, yearly event, etc.

  • Dealing with crises in the organization - when restructuring or experiencing lose.

What does a typical performance look like?

The performance is usually about an hour but can be longer or shorter according to the needs of the organization.

People from the audience will be invited to share their stories, usually around a specific theme.
The theme of the performance will be decided in advance and a group of professional playback actors will start presenting and giving life to the stories they will hear.

In the heart of the event our actors improvise the moments, feelings and stories offered by the audience. Participants are  invited to share their stories which are then played back by the actors. Individuals and audiences are delighted and often moved as they see the recreation of their own and other’s stories as theatre. 

Integrating a workshop with the performance

We offer a workshop that will occur before the show or a follow up workshop that gives participants an opportunity to explore emerging themes from the performance in more depth.

Playback Training in Your Organization or Community


Would you like your activity to be engaging and effective? Inspiring and fun but yet challenging and unique? 

In our training we are using our wide experience in Playback Theatre, alongside up to date knowledge about organizational and business development, to encourage your people to step out of their comfort zone and explore new and effective ways to communicate, lead or run conflicts.

Participant are given the opportunity to explore patterns and new ways to respond to situations by actively participating and interacting.

We will work in collaboration with your goals to customize the training according to your culture. Combining a performance with the training is another option available to you.

Our training offers the opportunity to develop and deepen abilities such as:

  • Collaborative Leadership - how to deepen individual strength

  • Collaborative Teamwork - how to create a strong and engaged team

  • Vision - how to define and strive for it

  • Change Management - how to understand and adapt to it

  • Presentation Skills - how to communicate effectively with your audience

  • Creative Thinking - how to come up with new and fresh perspective

We are offering now, a free consultation meeting to find the right solution for your organization. We can create and adapt different training or customize our performance and training to your needs.

We are offering all of our activities online as well. If you need an engaging online activity for an event or training please let us know.