Story Lane Ensemble

Story Lane Playback Theatre Ensemble is a multi-cultural theatre company. We are proud to be the first international playback theatre ensemble in Germany.

Our Playback Theater Ensemble was founded in Berlin by Noa Leibu, in 2017. 
As we all are arriving originally from different places around the world, we speak many different languages but our common language while playing is English. We use this interactive theatre as a vehicle for dialogue, community building, leadership development, entertainment and social change. We wish to bring respect, sensitivity and acceptance to every encounter we have with each other and with our audience.  
Please join one of our upcoming performances at our studio or invite us to perform at your event.

The Actors



I'm Sasha, I moved to Berlin from Moscow and joined story lane after practicing contact improvisation. When I'm not doing Playback, I'm usually playing chess. Hope you will join us in one of our activities.


Anna P

I'm Anna, I moved to Berlin from Poland where I graduated my Psychology studies. I like playback for giving me and others the opportunity to experience theater in a different way and presenting new perspective for our stories. I'm always open for new experience.



I’m Marie, I’m a communication trainer, living in Berlin and practicing playback theatre in the past 20 years. I enjoy being part of this international group and performing with them in this exiting multicultural city. I can’t wait to hear your story …



I am Baasir from Pakistan. I moved to Berlin last year for my Masters. I joined "story lane" because I wanted to experience something completely different and fun. However, I got to learn so many new things and make a new family in Berlin.



My Name is Lena and I loved performing since I was a child. As a social worker I’m hoping to combine these two fields together. Playback theatre provides a space for everybody to be heard. I really enjoy to be part of “story lane”!



Hi, I'm Amit, I moved to Germany in 2015 after working in marketing and training in Israel. I started doing playback because of the playfulness and deepens it holds.



My name is Priska. I moved to Berlin to work in cognitive robotics and currently teach robots new tricks. Playback with Story Lane has become my favorite 'project' outside of work.


Anna S

I'm  Anna, originally from Slovakia. Playback allows me to explore the meaning behind the words. This is why I like it so much!